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Marma Face Lift

Heather T., Toronto, Ontario


Ritu's touch is so gentle yet the energy that flows through her is so powerful. Even 24 hours after the face lift treatment, my energy is still better and I am enjoying looking in the mirror again!

Quantum Biofeedback 
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Sunita D., New York, NY

I felt out of whack emotionally as well as physically. I was being so negative...Ritu listened to me and really, really put in the time. I mean she really wants to help you...I was astounded by her process. 


I am really grateful I went to her. Ritu was like a chiropractor for the soul.


Go to her.



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Marma Face Lift

Leslie M., New York, NY

I wanted to look and feel better. After the first session of the non-invasive "face lift" I did look and feel better!The morning after the fourth session, my husband looked at me and said, with surprise, "you don't have wrinkles!"


After the final session the results are plain to see, and, when I know I am tensing up, I can close my eyes and find my way back to the well-being she offers.


Ritu is a true healer. It comes through her touch, which comes from a deep place inside her to a deep place inside me.

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Quantum Biofeedback  
in-person & remote sessions
Lulu E., Age 9

Whenever I hurt, I go to Ritu and it will go away within a day tops.  No matter the pain, no matter how long it's hurt for, I tell her and BOOM! It's gone! She is a true healer and is very helpful when it comes to injuries, pain or tight muscles I get from playing soccer. Sometimes I go from crying in pain to dancing around the floor.


Sometimes when she's doing a treatment, chills go down my body.  Before the treatment I was hurting. After, I feel amazing! As if nothing was ever hurting.


Her reiki levels are also very high and powerful. She taught me herself and is proud of me. She just is a very helpful machine, going around helping people and getting to know them.


She usually does my treatments before bed, so when I wake up I feel great! Sometimes, I think it's a dream but it's not.

I think she's the best healer you'll find out there by far, absolutely no question. So, let me give a thank you to my aunt, Ritu!!!

Marma Face Lift

Vidhu S., San Francisco, CA

The treatment visibly impacted how I looked and felt!  It felt as if years of stress and tension melted away from my facial muscles, leaving my face soft, glowing and youthful...wow!

Ritu's touch felt SO healing and soothing, and I loved her therapeutic essential oils.

It felt as if something quite magical and transformative had happened, and I carried that feeling for weeks.

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Quantum Biofeedback  
in-person & remote sessions

Sarah C., Holly, Michigan

Ritu has helped me tremendously during a very difficult healing process. I injured my back quite badly and Ritu's work helped not only my physical pain, but also the emotional pain (anger with myself) that was difficult to reconcile. The machine picked up on things I did not expect, reinforcing my belief. Ritu is a kind and generous care giver and I am deeply grateful for her and her biofeedback machine. I highly recommend personal sessions to experience the power of Ritu's healing work!

Quantum Biofeedback 

in-person & remote sessions

Linda H., Louisville, KY

I was introduced to Ritu about 10 years ago by a mutual friend.  I was having some major health issues (fibromyalgia and all of the joyous conditions that go along with that - chronic fatigue, huge weight gain over 100 pounds, whole body ache, insomnia, etc...). 


I had never heard of energy healing and was very skeptical.  Ritu is such a loving person, I felt totally at ease from our first session and relaxed to receive the gift she has been given.  She explained to me that energetic healing is like peeling an onion.  You remove layer by layer.  And that is what happened!  Layer by layer my fibromyalgia was cured - or in remission, I lost 100 + ;pounds, I have energy and love life again. 


All this was going on while I nursed my husband of 41 years through chemo for pancreatic cancer.  He passed away in 2011. 


I truly believe the sessions with Ritu have guided me, my spirit and soul, and my body through many layers to get to root issues that can be healed.  I am walking proof!  From the couch to cruising, dancing 2 - 3 nights per week and running around with very active grandchildren, my path has been paved with love and golden light since meeting Ritu. 


I am a remote user, since we do not live in the same city.  I add in the face lifts when she comes to my city for sessions and have found them to be very effective!  Love and light to all.

Quantum Biofeedback  
remote sessions
Hanna M., Graz, Austria 

Tension and pain in my low back has been with me on and off for over 20 years.  In the last 2 years, I've been under an enormous amount of stress causing my low back to finally "cave in" to the point where I couldn't pick up my 3 year old daughter or even play with her on the floor.  The pain and tension was off the scale!  

I had some chiropractic treatments which helped me get out of acute pain but it wasn't until my first healing session with Ritu that I could actually feel my back unwinding and releasing stress.
I was amazed by how much I could actually feel during my first session; and this was a remote session half way around the world!  
I felt a gentle pulsing in my low back.  It was so relaxing and comforting.  Over the following days, my back continued to unwind and release tension.  I was finally able to play with my daughter on the floor again and a step closer to picking her up.  
I was inspired to purchase a series of remote sessions to work even deeper with Ritu on these issues.  I also continue with yoga, meditation, and being open to other modalities.  The best part is that recovery finally seems like a reality.
On an energetic level, this is where true healing occurs.  The Quantum Healing Device combined with Ritu's intuition and compassion is (r)evolutionary!
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Quantum Biofeedback  
in-person & remote sessions
Olivia , New York, NY

Ritu is kind, professional, empathetic, and is avidly engaged in the different ways to bring upon healing and health, including diet, nutrition, light therapy, qi/frequency/chakra/energy therapy.


Ritu approaches the human body like a true healer.

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Quantum Biofeedback  
in-person & remote sessions
Jennifer T., San Francisco, CA

Ritu is a hands-down expert in her field. I tore my knee doing sports, and after deciding I wouldn't have meniscus surgery I used a variety of healing techniques, including acupuncture, prolotherapy and quantum healing from Ritu. I noticed a tingling during my QH sessions and significantly reduced pain after. I did a series and believe it is one reason why I'm back to all my sports today.

Additionally, I recommend QEH for pets. I work in a Shelter and took a very sick cat home. What we thought was just a bad head cold and kennel cough turned out to be nasal cancer. He was given one month to live. That was seven months ago. We chose the natural "energetic" route & he maintained a steady state and was happy and not in pain.

This is such a gentle healing modality, I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to try it.