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Bone Bending & Body Work

Holly Haupt, New York City

40 years of intuitively helping people reshape their posture, heal injuries & feel relief has paved the way for Holly to create her own technique unlike anything else. 


Text Holly: 212.255.6354


Astrology & Sound Healing 

George H Lewis,

New York City

George is a world-renowned healer and artist. Based in NYC, his work focuses on raising consciousness for the individual and the collective. Additionally, his water artwork is featured throughout this website.

Click here for George's website

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Qi Acupuncture & Herbs

Nicole Miziolek, New York City & Westchester County

Acupuncture and classical herbalism is my passion,  I am committed in my journey, diving deep into the beauty, truth, and healing of Chinese Medicine.


Click here for Nicole's website

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Intuitive, Medium,

Past Life Regression

Leigh Ann, Phone

Readings are done via phone and a link is emailed to you.  One of her main specialties is connecting with those you love who have passed away. This brings peace of mind to so many clients.

Email Leigh Ann directly:


Pet Psychic & Animal Communicator

Mark Renard, Phone

Ever wonder what your pet wants to say to you?  Or do you miss your pet who has passed?


Marc could very well be the man who will bring you these answers.


Text Marc: 646.413.5954


Tarot Reader

Hannah, Email

Hannah provides in-depth Tarot readings for more insight & clarity in life... to you, from the Universe.


Email Hannah directly:

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Terra XR

Noorotropic Supplement for Emotional Balance & Anxiety

This product was originally developed to assist soldiers with PTSD. I've found it helps the rest of us to increase focus while feeling grounded & calm.


From a place of peaceful, emotional wellbeing, it's easier to thrive in our daily lives.

For more  TerraXR details, click here

And also click here


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C60 Purple Power

Reduce Inflammation & Neutralize Oxidative Radicals


C60 works at the cellular level by lifting the oxidative burden, allowing the mitochondria and other cellular processes to function normally. Individual results are astounding.


For more details on C60 click here

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Reduce Inflammation, Hydrate, Detoxify


Therapeutic Water


For more details on

Watt-Ahh click here

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Divinia Water

Detoxify, Boost Immune System

Therapeutic Water

For more details on Divinia Water click here

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Viracid & Wholemune,

by Orthomolecular Products


After being unnecessarily prescribed antibiotics for a viral infection, an MD told me about this powerful product combination.


I could feel it working immediately to take on the virus. Maybe it's for you, too?

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Release & Transformation Essential Oil Blends 

by Young Living

These are my two favorite emotional healing oils.


For the sensitive soul, they have potential  to 'release' resentment & anger while 'transforming' memory trauma by taking a person back to the way they felt before the troubling incident(s).